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At Techspan we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between reliability and reputable manufacturers or lower prices.
We offer both to you as our highest standard of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our large line of SCAME Pin & Sleeve connectors excel in quality and performance. They conform to IEC 309-1 and 309-2 standards and are offered in splash proof (IP44) and watertight (IP67) models.

All offer fast installation with all mounting screws facing the same direction.

Available in 16, 20,30,32,60,100, and 125 Amp ratings for small, medium or large current loads.

Techspan’s Pin & Sleeve Devices are ideal for power, control or signaling with OEM machinery or in mobile power solutions on the factory floor, welders, pumps, temporary power systems and power disconnect for portable equipment.
These devices are designed to withstand dirt, chemicals and high pressure wash down.
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